Don’t be a jerk!

 sticks ans stones

My better half owns and operates a hair salon here in town. One of the perks of living and working in our home town is many of her clients are people that we went to high school with. The other day, she was cutting an old friends hair that she had not seen in a few years. She made small talk as hair stylists do, then the conversation turned to me. She said, “Yeah I’m with Travis Recksiek, you remember him right?” His response? “Yeah… He was mean to me in high school…”. Continue reading


Go mom on you

Five words I heard a lot growing up. It was usually followed with a “When are you going to clean your room!?!” or “How many times do I have to tell you…!?!”. The last-ditch effort to motivate me to obey, before the leather enforcer was brought out. Please don’t take this as scorn towards my mother; she raised four good kids on her own while working a full-time job. She’s a super hero in my eyes. People just all have their limit, and as kids, we got pretty good at finding hers.  Continue reading

Walk Strong

Isaiah 40 31

It’s not hard to get discouraged in our day-to-day lives. Every day the media bombards us with sex, violence, greed and other immoral messages, and we are expected to accept this as what is normal and good. Political correctness has even got to the point where many of us don’t feel comfortable sharing our faith, in fear that we might offend somebody somewhere somehow at sometime in some way. Continue reading

Too many things…

matthew 16 26

Matthew 16:26 is the scripture that I keep displayed on my desk at work. A constant reminder to why I originally chose the field I am in. By trade, I am a Biomedical Equipment Technician… Translation: I maintain and repair medical equipment. It is a very rewarding job in that, I fix things that keep people alive. I know that I am making a difference in people’s lives. The pay is good as well, but working in the healthcare environment, I am constantly surrounded by people who make a considerable amount more than me. People that drive nicer cars than me. People that wear fancier clothes than me. People that talk of houses I can only dream of owning. A constant reminder of everything I do not have… Continue reading

There’s always something in the way…

galations 2 20

Its so difficult to see past our failures and shortcomings in life. I often find myself thinking of everything I’ve done, every ill decision I’ve made, every person I’ve hurt or every person I’ve let down. We as people are so quick to defeat ourselves and hold ourselves prisoner under the weight of our sins. At times we may even question if we are worthy enough to take on Gods work. How could God love me knowing the things I have done in my life? Continue reading